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Prevention in Modern Polish Army

December at Conference Board training Jachranka Zetom Prevention Headquarters military police moved her training and methodical.

Her eyes opened the head of prevention of KG?W Col. Martin Fitas, which in a way made synthetic main issues and outlined the objectives that will accompany her.

Narada is carried out in four thematic panels: training, including the use of System experience; Prevention; Prevention; physical culture.

In the No. 1 head of Training Col. Andrzej Iseman presented the comments and conclusions of the work carried out in 2013 and control supervisors discussed the documents governing the process of training in the military police and laid out new directions for training activities in 2014.

Issue No 2 of the Panel concerned. legal regulation in the light of the planned extension of the criminal properties and performance of SI CONVOY.

3 panel discussed over issues of administrative proceedings of its own servicemen, the introduction of a pilot programme of prevention and problem solving in an alcoholic the uniformed services and the implementation of control activities of protection systems of military units.

The last panel, covering the topic of physical culture, was dedicated to, among other things. made by physical education instructors with organizational units summary of athletic competition in the military police in 2013, as well as discussing projects to be implemented in 2014.

In total, the training was attended by 62 soldiers and army employees responsible for individual action in organizational units of military police in Poland.

During the meetings the MILITARY POLICE Commander in Chief Gen. dyw. dr Miros?aw Rozmus summed up the current year, thanked the soldiers for tasks and evaluate their work. Between coachings we will see wallpapers with navy signs known as fototapety in polish.

The summary of deliberations of the head of prevention of KG?W Col. Martin Fitas, thanked all participants for a strong commitment and active participation, presented the conclusions extracted during training and has directions to lead in the process of planning and carrying out activities in 2014.